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Process optimisation, knowledge transfer and training

We offer targeted advice on adding value with GeoIT.

GeoIT is an industry in itself. The spatial reference of the data is its distinguishing feature. This feature connects a variety of technology divisions. The fields of application are equally diverse.
We work with you to consider the value of GeoIT for your business.

What are the solutions that suit your technological, strategic, organisational and cultural environment? They must be feasible, workable and appropriate. In addition to consulting, we provide assistance with project and quality management for your GeoIT applications.

We carry out studies concerning methods, technologies and data.

What can GeoIT do for my business? What does the market have to offer? What are the opportunities offered by my technological services? Strategic business goals should not be guided only by gut feeling. There should be a systematic answer to these questions. Growth, internationalisation, market launch, product positioning and business have to be planned thoroughly.

What you need are market studies and analyses assessing technological consequences; in other words, the opportunities and risks of technologies. In specific terms, this means finding the potential of new application markets. Trends, supporters and opponents; customers, competitors and value chains. We have the market and technological expertise to support you in your future decisions.

We develop solutions for on-site GeoIT implementation – worldwide

Living conditions can be enhanced substantially by the use of GeoIT. The successful transfer of technology allows developing countries to become more independent. Reliable administrative procedures, self-sufficient crop and harvest monitoring, efficient supply of water and sustainable land management are important goals of international development cooperation and capacity building. We work closely with the local agencies as far as strategies, infrastructure, processes and training are concerned.

By implementing GeoIT, we facilitate the use of spatial information for our customers, be they in Coesfeld, Tyumen or Cotonou. The real transfer of technology leads to greater independence for our partners.

We offer individual training.

We are not a software company. Our training modules go beyond the simple definition of functionalities. What counts is how they are applied. A specific plan, coordinated implementation and exclusive training material – these are characteristic of our professional training courses.

We optimise processes.

Whether for public or industrial clients, projects with spatially relevant aspects require efficient management. GeoIT offers an ever-growing number of technical and innovative solutions that help optimise your processes.