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EFTAS Remote Sensing Transfer of Technology
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from Münster
since 1988

Research, studies, technology and market development

We conduct research and development for practical application.

As a business partner to research institutions, we put promising and innovative technologies and processes from research into daily practice.

We implement scientific feasibility studies.

We evaluate whether GeoIT plans can be realised according to the requirements of the customer with regard to technical, commercial, organisational and administrative aspects. This provides a sound basis for your decision, transparently and comprehensibly.

We open up new fields of application.

GeoIT is a cross-sectional technology. There is hardly any industry that does not take advantage of GeoIT. New topics and trends are appearing constantly. Quite often, they help drive and stimulate new approaches to process and product innovation – especially when the connection to the heart of your own business becomes apparent only at a second glance. We can do this together. Build on our GeoIT expertise to launch new, marketable products and services in your business.

We operate as GeoIT partner for cross-innovation.

Let us think outside the box together. We have had good experiences with cross-industry cooperation in research and development projects. It entails new ideas and concepts, reduces development cycles and minimises development costs and risks.