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GIS and webmapps
IT architecture, GIS and interface development


We integrate GeoIT solutions into existing IT systems.

Economy and society are supported by data-based services. Modern IT-architectures are not built in a monolithic way, but have a modular structure – flexible and intelligent. This enables GeoIT applications to be integrated without having to change the main IT system. We know where and how to do it.

We develop specialist modules for GIS standard software.

The fact that monolithic standard solutions no longer meet demand applies to geographic information systems (GIS) as well. The abundance of digital data, services, interfaces and dependencies as well as huge innovation dynamics require domain-specific solutions. If your standard GIS system does not serve your needs any more, we can develop specific modules that accurately meet the requirements of your field of application.

We program interfaces.

Expanding existing IT infrastructure is not always necessary. Sometimes, the only element missing is the interface connecting individual elements in order to optimise the existing IT environment. Within established IT systems, the programming of these interfaces often requires sophisticated knowledge. We program these individual interfaces for internal optimisation. One example is the combination of a technical GeoIT system with an administrative system. Another example is networking with external systems to enable data flow in accordance with INSPIRE (INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe) or OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium).

We integrate GIS into the web.

More and more frequently, GIS functionality and data storage are singular elements of a widespread and networked system. Systems can be established as internet applications individually and in line with demand with the help of web GIS architectures, from the geo portal for simple data visualisation to the digital “GeoIT as a service” business model. The hosting of such applications can be done by us or within your own IT structure,but is always optimally tailored to suit your needs.

We implement GIS architectures by means of cloud computing technologies.

Users of web GIS applications do not appreciate bad performance, long downtimes or slow interfaces. The solution: optimise your capacities of software and hardware resources by means of cloud computing technologies.

Everything is possible: software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service.
We develop cloud computing technologies for your GeoIT.

Routing, web services, web portal and app programming

We program custom-designed Apps with map, GIS and routing functions.

Today, IT applications are accessible via mobile apps any time and anywhere. IT applications that used to be accessible only via large IT systems can now be used on smart phones and tablets. Our speciality is the integration of mapping, GIS and routing functions into mobile applications. Apps to capture or use geoinformation onsite. Apps to find points of interest and for route planning, whether as lifestyle applications or for making business processes mobile-compatible. Platform-independent for iOS, Android & co; native or browser-based; embedded into your IT architecture.

We create custom-designed geo portals.

Digitalisation and networking are becoming more widespread in all walks of life. Geo portals represent nothing other than GeoIT nodes. They support communication andthe implementation of business processes and enable mobile collaboration. Modern user interfaces, efficient data management and integration into the system environment are required. In order to put this all into practice, this we work with a modular kit of open-source technologies. That is how we turn geo portals into elements of your day-to-day business.

We develop methodologies for updating and upgrading content and geoinformation.

The maintenance and continuation of databases are of great importance, but not simple. Only a high quality of data can ensure good GeoIT infrastructure, whether timeliness, accuracy or content. Our solutions allow data to be updated by means of integrated and automated remote sensing processes, mobile online editor functions and crowd-sourcing communities.